Each Spring our greenhouses are filled to the brim with a great selection of annuals! There are hundreds of huge overflowing hanging baskets, custom designed by Sweetwater Garden, full of color to choose from. Planters, filled with a mix of blooming flowers in many different sizes & styles, are just waiting to brighten up your patio, porch or deck.

Bring color and eye stopping style to your containers. Create a beautiful garden with locally grown annuals, chosen for their outstanding performance.

Vegetables & Herbs

Our selection of herbs have been selected over the years for how well they grow and the quality of flavor.
It is important to keep herbs in direct sunlight to keep them healthy and growing throughout the season.  Herbs also prefer well-drained soil. Keep your herbs on the dry side but not wilting between watering’s.

Our vegetables starts, are seeded and grown here at the nursery.  We have a great selection of vegetable starts to give you a jump on our short growing season.

Fall plantings

Fall doesn’t mean the end of the gardening season! Hardy mums, cabbage and kale create a showy display in cooler weather.  Plant these in your landscape and they will bloom up to and sometimes past the first frost!