We have a large selection of Wyoming ready trees that have overwintered at our nursery, and are in sync with our Wyoming weather!

We carry an extensive variety of trees as well as tree sizes.  You will commonly hear us talking about container trees versus B&B (Balled & Burlapped trees).  Container trees range in  size from a #1 container to a #25 container.  Container trees are smaller than B&B trees, because they are younger in age.  Container trees are great for homeowners who wish to install their own trees.  B&B trees will have a larger caliper trunk size as well as a nice big shapely head.  These trees are great because they provide instant shade and an established look.

Some Of Our Favorites

Quaking Aspen H: 30-40′  W: 25′  Z: 2
Fast growing, native beauty.  Year-round interest in groupings and/or on berms.  Excellent in combination with Spruce, and Pines.




Colorado Spruce, H: 60′  W: 30′  Z: 2
Best large evergreen tree for our area.  Spruce make an excellent sound and wind screen.  Colorado spruce can be blue or green.




Wichita Blue Juniper
H: 10-12′ W: 4-6′  Z: 3
Closely related to the Rocky Mountain Juniper with a denser cleaner habit.  They makes an excellent choice for screens, hedges, or background plant.  Silver-blue foliage retains brilliant color all year.


Perfect Purple Crabapple
H: 25′  W: 20′  Z: 4
Purple tinged leaves with light pink flowers.  Very hardy, disease resistant, upright ornamental tree.  Best of all, this crabapple is persistent, it does not drop it’s fruit.